bhindi bhazi

Bhindi BhaziAs much as I like cooking complex dishes, especially something that requires different skills, when it comes to feeding, my soul is more pleased with simple things, and today, that was plain rice and Bhindi bhazi.
Bhindi BhaziSaturday’s are very lazy here, everybody sleeps in a few more hours than the usual weekday. And it was no different today, by the time breakfast was eaten, lunch just would of been too soon so I decided to have an early evening meal instead. There were a few fish cutlets in the fridge that needed to be cooked so that was the Mister and the little ones sorted, but I didn’t want fish so the Bhindi bhazi was my rescue.
Bhindi BhaziI don’t remember the first time I had tasted Okra or Bhindi as it’s also called, but it’s always been one of my favourite vegetables. I know a lot of people don’t like Bhindi, because of its slimy, sticky texture, but that’s never bothered me and come to think of it, that might be one of the reasons to why I’m partial to them. And, Bhindi bhazi is one of the regular ways I prepare them.
Bhindi BhaziBhindi bhazi is very quick and easy to prepare, but above all I love the simplicity of this dish. It’s starts off with a handful of ingredients, but you can add more, change it around to suit your palate’s desire. As I mentioned before, I eat my Bhindi bhazi with plain boiled rice and that’s how I like it. However, it makes a great side dish to fried fish, dry meat curries etc.

Bhindi Bhazi
Serves 4
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  1. 450g Bhindi, chopped in 0.5cm pieces
  2. 125g onion, coarsely diced
  3. 10g Green chillies, coarsely chopped
  4. 100g tomatoes, coarsely diced
  5. 50g Garlic, finely grated
  6. 5g Fresh Coriander, finely chopped
  7. 3 tbsp. Oil
  8. 1 tsp. Salt
  9. 1/2 tsp. Coriander powder
  10. 1/2 tsp. Chilli powder
  11. 1/2 tsp. Amchoor powder
  12. 1/4 tsp. Cumin powder
  13. 1/4 tsp. Turmeric
  1. Heat the oil in a wide pan or a wok over low to medium heat
  2. Once the oil is hot, add the garlic and fry for a 2-3 minutes or until it’s slightly brown, next add the onion and for for another few minutes.
  3. Now add the okra and fry for 5 minutes, stirring often
  4. Then add the tomatoes, chillies, salt, spices and stir carefully to incorporate, but be careful not to break up the okra. Cover and let it cook over low 5 to 8 minutes or until the Okra has cooked through.
  5. Once cooked, turn of the heat and sprinkle over the Fresh Coriander.

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