About Me

I’m Tee.  A Muslim Wife and Mother whose waking moments revolve around food but obviously second to my husband and children. If I’m not eating then I’m cooking and if I’m not cooking then I’m contemplating. My world consists of my beloved MR, two little mischievous Misters and my Princess, Little Lady Love. We live in the land of the great red double decker busses and I and my beloved have both spent our childhoods here however I’m from Bangladesh and he has a mixed background.

Over the last few years I’ve had a few different passions and all I’ve given up or put on hold for one reason or another but the one I can never let go of is FOOD. I’m not exaggerating when I say Food captivates me, it’s as if I live in in a parallel universe where food is everything and it’s all alive. I’m not Crazy (well, maybe a little).

I’ve always had an interest in food but it was around eight years ago my interest was piqued in the form of zeal. It was when I and my husband moved in together I came to know that he was a very good cook and not only could he cook but bake. But, I, on the other hand couldn’t do anything to compare! The most I knew to make was a simple Tomato Satni (similar to tomato salsa) and Aloo satni (similar to boiled potato salad) which doesn’t take a whole load of effort. Please don’t misunderstand, the issue wasn’t of the fact that he could cook but more so that I couldn’t. From the age I gasped the idea of marriage, I’ve always wanted to be the wife that cooks, takes care of the children and the household while the husband brings in the money. So, I had to know how to cook and I started following recipes online, learning the traditional home cuisine from my mum and even making up my own concoctions’. After numerous burnt pots, bitter tastes, came the sweet harmonious flavours. And now, eight years later I’m the wife that cooks majority of the meals that Alhamdulillah have and continue to satisfy my growing family, friends and even strangers. However, I haven’t really got round to the “takes care of the children and the household” yet but Insh’Allah soon.

And now why this blog? Well, why not?

Simply, I would like to share my passion for Food with the world, my versions of recipes, my culinary finds etc. Also because, searching the internet I haven’t found many blogs that share recipes from the place that food I grew up eating comes from, which is Sylhet. Many people mistaken Bangladeshi & Sylheti cuisine for Indian cuisine or think that the both are the same but that’s far from the truth. Yes, we eat curry but what our curry taste like and even how we cook the curry is different. Our amounts of spice, the blends, choice of vegetables are very different and it is all amazing. Going back to when I first started cooking due to circumstances my mum wasn’t able to help me create the traditional Sylheti dishes I craved for the most, and I was pregnant with my first so the cravings were fierce and it wasn’t convenient to pop round to my mother’s whenever the cravings stroke. So, I thought I’d find it all on the internet as being in the technology era now but no, I found nada. Hence, it’s only natural I try to resolve the problem now that I have the secrets in case anybody else comes looking for my nation’s treasure! As well as other treasures I procreate.

Thus, here I am. A few steps at a time I hope to build this blog and share my loved recipes with you, I hope you join me and love them as well.